Hamilton, OH 

Jasmine Cornist

“I love watching the children grow through the years. I am passionate about learning, childhood education, and creating an environment that allows all of our children to succeed.”

Shelby Walter
Center Cook
Taria Croom
Lead PreSchool 1 Teacher

“I became a teacher because I am a social butterfly. I love interacting with children, helping them learn, and watching them become beautiful intelligent individuals. I have 10+ years’ experience in childhood education.”

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Alexis Byrd
Lead Toddler 1 Teacher

“I love working with children as they learn and have a lot of experience working with children and families. I am working toward receiving my Childhood Development Associate.” 

Ann Munday
Infant Teacher

“I have run an in home daycare for six years. I enjoy working with children and little minds on their journey of learning.”

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Belinda Glover
Lead Pre-K Teacher

“As a caregiver I have over 30 years of experience and an Associate degree in Early Childcare and Development. I believe that the first five years of a child’s development is crucial for learning through play and overall success. I want to help children reach their full potential so that they can be the people that we need in our country and leading the future.”

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Tabitha Timmester
Assistant Teacher
“I enjoy working with families and children. I like to help children feel confident in who they are.”
Erica Kimberlin
Lead Toddler 2 Teacher 
“I have 30 years of hands on experience in childcare. I love working with children and watching them learn, grow, and prosper. I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Child Development Associate, and Early Childhood Education certification.”
Desiree Howell
Lead Preschool 2 Teacher

“I love watching how children take in knowledge given to them and use it in their own unique ways. I have 3+ years of childcare experience and look forward to continuing my education in this field. I also have two of my own that have always been a part of the Next Generation family. “

Lead Infant Teacher

“I am passionate about working with children and love the ability to make a lasting impression on little minds. I have worked in childcare for years with all age groups.”


Colerain, OH

Christine Ramsey

“I have worked in Early Childhood for twenty-eight years. I enjoy helping children grow and develop.”

Deanna Cheatham
Lead Toddler 1 Teacher

“I became a teacher because teaching is the greatest act of optimism. I love to learn and I love to teach. All children are special in their own way. Good teachers never stop learning and growing. I want to instill a love of learning and confidence in the children that I teach.”

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Hutler Barfield
Infant Teacher
“I have worked in childcare for nine years (four Years with ages 3-5 and five years in Infants). I enjoy working with children in their developmental growth and encouraging learning through play.”
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Mercedes Abrams
Assistant Teacher

“I have been in childcare for eight years. I became a teacher to be able to make an impact in children’s lives that I care for.”

Cindy Clark
Infant Assistant Teacher

“I have 25+ years experience in childcare.”

Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks

Tywanda Dixon
Lead Pre-K Teacher

“I love being a teacher because of the joy in a child’s face when they see that you care.”

Associate degree in Early Childhood Education

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Kim Pfohl 
Lead Pre-K Teacher
“I have been in education for 30 years. I began my career working in elementary education with children from kindergarten to 10th grade. I have always been passionate about being a teacher. I want to help children get a healthy and early start on being the best that they can be.”

Spanish language and Literature double major as well as having a Child Development Associate
Laura Copenhaver
Lead Toddler 2 Teacher

“I became a teacher because I have always loved working with children.”

Associate degree in Early Childhood Education

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Nigeria Lee 
Assistant Teacher
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Rebeckah Estes-Feerer
Assistant Teacher
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Pam Batista
Center Cook