Our Curriculum

We practice a constructivist approach to learning and base our teaching foundation on developing children’s learning research. We also recognize that we are an extension of the family, so developing a partnership where the sharing of support, ideas and a genuine love for the children are top priority. We believe in the importance of secure attachments and developing a close, loving relationship with each child by providing a responsive and stimulating environment that is fun, safe and full of child directed and teacher supported learning experiences.

We will assist and support each child to achieve independence, self-discipline, social competence, positive attitudes and morals, enthusiasm for learning and an organized approach to problem solving.   We will partner with families, offering support, sharing ideas, offering community resources, and providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment for young children.

Using Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards in combination with biblical values as a guideline to learning, our curriculum will include the following developmental areas:  Cognition and General Knowledge, Language and Literacy Development, Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, and Spiritual Guidance and Character Building.  We believe that by providing a nurturing and educational environment for children, we can positively impact the Next Generation!

From Early Childhood learning, to elementary, high school to college…The Next Generation starts here.  Thank you for entrusting Next Generation Childcare and Learning Center with your most precious gift.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old  he will not depart form it.”  Proverbs 22:6