6 weeks to 17 months

The Right Start

Our Infant program provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for babies 6 weeks to 17 months of age. Our classroom environment, along with our caring teachers, will work cooperatively with you to nurture your baby through all their early stages of development. We provide continuity of care between your home and our classrooms by partnering with families and parents to develop a strong understanding of each child’s individual needs.

Empowerment program

Children’s schedules are flexible to meet the unique needs of the individual child. Children are fed when hungry, sleep when tired and are changed as needed. The daily program invites the young child to play and actively explore the environment during waking hours. The learning activities include music and movement, reading stories, sensory play (with pudding, jello, whip cream, etc.), play with toys that stimulate intellectual and motor development, we also provide experiences with appropriate non-toxic art media and pretend play. Weather permitting, teachers will take children out on buggy rides to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Program priority

Keeping your baby’s health & safety in mind:

  • toys & equipment are sanitized throughout the day and deep cleaned in the evening.
  • Our carpeted play area enforces a “No Shoe” policy.
  • Nutritious meals are served: which include cereals, fruits, vegetables and meats, Similac Advanced formula is provided when requested by parents, (Any food restrictions or allergy supplements needed would be brought from home.)
  • Parent communication is extremely important at Next Generation. Each day the teachers will complete a personalized daily report about your child’s day.

What to Bring

On or prior to your first day

  • All required paperwork
  • Prepared Bottles with lids labeled with child’s name and date (empty bottles if using center formula)
  • Diapers & diaper creams (medication form needed)
  • Wipes
  • Three complete sets of clothing and appropriate outerwear for outside walks
  • Pacifier if applicable
  • 6wk-12 months provide a Sleep Sack
  • Blanket for 12+ months